Zuca White Frame

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The zuca frame in white has been skilfully manufactured to perfection by keeping in mind all the necessary and fundamental aesthetics in mind. With a variety of different colors to choose from the zuca frame surpassed all other travel gear in terms of versatility due to its original and exclusive design and structure. The zuca white frame matches almost all pastel zuca sport bags and compliments as well as accentuates their colors to bring out the essence of the individual art work and design of every zuca bag. The zuca frame is also a patented design that has been accepted and revered internationally. It’s got polyurethane built in wheels with sock absorbents that enable you to take your bag over scratched and uneven terrain as well as easily take your bag while going up and down staircases without a sound or bump. Due to its various advantages when compared with other travelling luggage the zuca sport frame has been one of the top selling items from the entire zuca collection as it not only functions like a frame to support your travel bag like all other frames do but it has been especially built on the exterior of the bag, to give you extra storage space on the inside. With that being said this zuca frame in white is also used to give you support when you are sitting on the top surface of your bag that has a built in seat for you, one that can also be used to put extra stuff on and is supported equally well by the zuca frame. This beautiful white frame is made of aluminium alloy and is extremely sturdy and capable of withstanding up to three hundred pounds at a time. It’s extremely light in weight and very easy to roll around while supporting your soft insert bag from getting damaged on the surface from frequent travel.


Flashing Wheels

Telescoping Handle

Lightweight Aluminum Structure

2nd Set of Wheels for climbing stairs

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