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Perfect for school, sports, or camping.


•  Clear window to put your ID

•  Vinyl liner to easy cleaning

•  Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 6"

•  BPA Free & Phthalate-free

The Zuca pink lunchbox takes innovation to another level with its height grade components that are super light in weight and come in their most favourite colour combinations that are specifically designed to match their Zuca bags. The Zuca lunchbox pink also secures your child's lunchbox from getting damaged or from the food from spilling into their bag; it is super light in weight and barely adds up while being carried by your little one to school. The Zuca pink lunchbox is one of the fastest selling products out of all the products available from the Zuca collection because of its bright hues of pink, the fact that it safely packs your kids favorite meals and keeps it from getting damaged while being transported from one place to another makes it stand apart from others. It also provides a divider for extra meals and keeps everything packed in tight. Your kids Zuca lunchbox is also very well thought out in terms of its size as well as capacity and is also extremely easily fit into small as well as big bags like there Zuca mini bag packs or Zuca bags making it an extremely durable product. The components are unaffected by hot or cold temperatures, and maintain a balanced temperature and prevent the food from getting damaged or inedible. The Zuca lunchbox can be washed easily so you don't need to watch out for stains, as the durable plastic is also resistant to water making them pretty, much low on maintenance. It can be and stored away with ease when it's not in use and it also comes in their most favorite colour combinations that are specifically designed to match their Zuca bags. Investing in this super cute pink lunchbox is totally worth it as it saves you money that you would have eventually spent on another lunchbox that had half its features.

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