Zuca Lunchbox - Cupid

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  • Zuca Lunchbox - Cupid
  • Zuca Lunchbox - Cupid
  • Zuca Lunchbox - Cupid
  • Zuca Lunchbox - Cupid


Technical Specs - Lunchbox

Perfect for school, sports, or camping.

• Clear window to put your ID
• Vinyl liner to easy cleaning
• Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 6"
• BPA Free & Phthalate-free

When we think of Cupid we think of love, bows and arrows and little hearts, the whole concept of this Zuca lunchbox Cupid is to carry the love everywhere you go, whether you're traveling, hiking or just walking and strolling your Zuca bag to your favourite sport rehearsal space, you're bound to get super hungry after all of that strenuous hard work you put in. The Zuca lunchbox comes in vivacious colors to compliment your Cupid sport insert bag. What makes it so special is that it is of the highest quality in terms of its size, weight and its durability. When we talk about its size it simply means that it's a compact lunchbox and can easily be fit into your child's Zuca bag pack without letting any spoilage or leakage occur as it has high grade components that pack in the food tightly and are also resistant to any kind of changes in weather. The food remains fresh all throughout and the Zuca lunchbox is easy to maintain as it can be washed easily and any kind of stains whether they come from gravy or other oily and greasy food products can be easily removed making it extremely durable. Its colorful art work makes your Zuca lunchbox pop out vibrantly and get instantly noticed. 

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