Zuca Lunchbox - Chevron

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  • Zuca Lunchbox - Chevron
  • Zuca Lunchbox - Chevron
  • Zuca Lunchbox - Chevron
  • Zuca Lunchbox - Chevron


Technical Specs - Lunchbox

Perfect for school, sports, or camping.

• Clear window to put your ID
• Vinyl liner to easy cleaning
• Dimensions: 6" x 9" x 6"
• BPA Free & Phthalate-free

The Zuca chevron lunchbox has been inspired by embracing design elements that have been found to be used many moons ago as intricate carvings as well as on various house hold utilities. Since the Zuca chevron design and art work ages back centuries and its design are simple it is widely accepted by many people across. The Zuca chevron like all other Zuca products is of the highest quality in terms of its size its weights and its durability. When we talk about its size it simply means that the Zuca chevron lunchbox is compact and can easily be fit into your child's Zuca bag pack without letting any spoilage or leakage occur as it has high grade components that pack in the food tightly and are also resistant to any kind of changes in weather. The food remains fresh all throughout. The Zuca lunchbox is easy to maintain as it can be washed easily and any kind of stains whether they come from gravy or other oily and greasy food products can be easily removed making it extremely durable. Overall the Zuca chevron lunchbox is an amazing tiffin for your child and a must have for kids who love such designs. To add to its great features it is also available in different colors and patterns that match your child's Zuca bag.

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