Zuca Artist Skipper

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A flawless new collection for artists on the go who value organization, style, and perfection. What more could you ask for? Protect and organize the tools of your trade and travel in style with our new ZÜCA Artist Collection, - tailored for the artist in you!


The zuca artist skipper travel bag projects subtle sophistication. Its sharp features include intelligent compartments in the side, front and back for optimum usage and the best quality of zippers to ensure safety. Its design is extremely well thought out and executed. The zuca artist skipper bag is easy to carry around, it's light and can be easily fit into compact spaces. It safely envelopes all your important essential items like official documents, electronic products among your various important tools for trade. The exterior structure of the bag comprises of different size pockets for extra storage space while the interior structure is padded to ensure no damage to your expensive items.

The zuca artist skipper travel bag is a wise choice to make while selecting a travel bag because of it precision to perfecting the art of smart travel. Its sophisticated style gives it a unique edge and sets it apart from the rest. For travelling artists, sleek travelling gear is a choice that we think needs to be taken into account while preparing for a journey, as it creates just the right impression, one that is most significant to accelerate your confidence to take your art forward in style which is why the zuca artist skipper is the perfect choice for you.

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Lifetime Structural Warranty - Manufacturer Defect
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