Figure Skating Gloves - Competition and Practice

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Figure Skating Gloves

Gloves designed with figure skaters in mind. They can be decorated with rhinestones for competition or worn for practice. 

Protective gel in the wrist area helps to reduce the risk of a wrist injury.


These gloves are made from 

  • Sanded Poly Spandex Fabric: 87% Polyester, 13% Spandex



For children get size Extra Small

For teens and adults with small hands get size Small

For adults with regular hands get size Medium

For adults with large hands get size Large


Gloves stretch, hand wash only.


Figure Skating Gloves


Complete your skating outfit with Kami-So skating gloves

There is no such thing as excessive safety or comfort in sport. Every detail of your skating outfit matters

when your goal is safe and comfortable skating. After you have chosen your skates and skating dress

there are still some important elements to be added in order to complete your outfit. One of such

indispensible elements is skating gloves. If you are looking for elegant high-quality gloves the Kami-So

premium skating gloves will be a great choice for you.

The skating gloves are essentially protective gear that prevents you from damaging your hands in case

you fall on the abrasive ice surface. All skaters no matter their level fall as they practice their ever more

complicated moves. Most of the falling happens on outstretched arms in which case the palms and

wrists take the biggest impact. Kami-So skating gloves are specially designed to minimize the harmful

effects of falling on the ice providing extra confidence for the skaters. Another unfavorable condition

affecting your well-being on the ice skating rink is low temperature. It may be hard to concentrate on

what your coach tells you when your fingers are frozen purple. This problem is also easily resolved by

warm and comfy Kami-So gloves. By purchasing Kami-So skating gloves you will solve the following

skating safety issues:

 Protection against scratches and abrasion

 Keeping your hands warm in the chilly ice skating rink

Kami-So skating gloves are designed by the skating wear manufacturer with skating in mind and feature

properties specially intended to meet the needs of the skater:

 Thin, stretchable and durable material for snug fit

 Provide just enough warmth without overheating

 Protective gel cushion in the wrist area for security

 Different colors

 Variety of sizes

Kami-So skating gloves are made of sanded Poly Spandex Fabric comprised of: 87% Polyester and 13%

Spandex. Light, thin and practically imperceptible Kami-So gloves naturally envelop the hand ensuring

the perfect fit. The harmonious anatomical cutout in combination with fine stretchable material of

Kami-So gloves makes you forget you are wearing any gloves at all. These gloves are non-itchy and

provide just enough warmth for the comfort of the skater.

Kami-So skating gloves feature a special-purpose gel padding applied in the wrist area for extra grip and

security. This gel padding protects the wrists against excessive shock and straining in case of falling on

your hands.

Kami-So skating gloves come in different colors (black, beige, etc.) to match your skating outfit. They are

perfect to be worn for protection during practice sessions. Also they can be worn for competitions

forming part of your costume. If your goal is to highlight your outfit Swarovski crystals can be added for

extra flare at competitive performances.

Kami-So skating gloves are available in sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium and Large. It is advisable to

wear the appropriate size or a slightly smaller size as the gloves have good stretching properties. Extra

Small size is suitable for children. Teenagers and adults with small hands will need size Small, while

Medium and Large are intended for the adults with regular and large hands.

You can buy your Kami-So skating gloves right now from the official Kami-So dealer at! If you have any questions regarding properties, sizes or colors of Kami-So

skating gloves, please, do not hesitate to contact our consultants at 818-785- 2002 or at

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