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Edea Accessories


Edea Designer Trolley Bag


Specifically created with the skaters in mind.The large semi-rigid main pocket is designed to take 2 pairs of roller skates. 3 large internal pockets allow you to store kit separately without damaging it.On the front there’s another large pocket as...


EDEA Lace Puller


The Lace Puller is a simple and practical Lacing device to make Lacing quicker and easier.Made from an ultra resistant plastic material with a retractable hook.The Lace Puller also makes taking the Skate off quicker and easier.

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EDEA Skate Polish (White)


EDEA Skate Polish will keep your EDEA Looking GREAT!!! The EDEA Skate Polish should be applied with a damp sponge. After it dries, buff off the excess when dry. This Polish is specifically made for EDEA Skates and their colors. 


EDEA Skating Socks


EDEA Skate Socks are the BEST little Skating Socks Around. Great Fitting and Very Thin. The sock is a combination of MicroFibre to wick the perspiration away and cotton. The seams seem to vanish. Colors: Tan with the Red EDEA Skates Logo boldly prominent.

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