Bunga Pads - Heel Support

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• For Achilles' Tendon – place pad in superior position
• For Haglund’s Disease – for pump bump deformity, place pad in inferior position
• For Sever’s Disease – traction epiphysitis of the calaneus, place pad in the inferior position
• For Heel Spur – invert neoprene product and place pad beneath heel w/ horseshoe pad open towards toe
• For Plantar Fascitis – invert neoprene product and place pad appropriately between heel and arch Features:
• 1/8” nylon 2-sides neoprene • Hook and loop ankle closure • Removable 1/4” PPT horseshoe

The Bunga Heal-Support is designed to relieve heel pain by applying a counterforce pressure on the Achilles' Tendon It is made of 1/8” latex-free neoprene with a nylon coating on two sides and comes with removable 1/4” PPT horseshoe To relieve the various problems below place the removable and relocatable pad as described below.


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