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From the very beginning of their ice skating experience all skaters face the issue of carrying ice skating

gear. Heavy, bulky as well as, wet or damp skating equipment does not usually fit into regular sports

bags. Skating gear companies have resolved this problem by designing special-purpose ice skating bags

intended to suit specific needs of ice skaters. There are many kinds of skate bags on the market.

Generally when choosing the perfect ice skating bag you need to be guided by special requirements that

the skating gear imposes.

First and foremost, an appropriate figure skating bag should be able to accommodate all your skating

equipment, including skates and accessories. Based on the volume of the skating gear you have to carry

you may choose a skate-shaped bag, an athletic bag, a skating backpack or a travel-type ice skating bag

with a telescopic handle. If you keep your skates at the ice skating rink a tote bag or a pouch may be

enough to fit your skating accessories.

Materials used in ice skating bags are another important parameter to consider. Sharp edges and

protruding parts of skates, skate guards, lace pullers and other gear require your skate bag to be strong

and resistant. Wet and damp soakers and skate wipers that you are likely to accommodate mean that

the skate bag should be water-proof. Like any other sports bag ice skating bags are bound to get dirty

fairly quickly. That is why a perfect figure skating bag should be easily washable, preferably machine-

washable which will save you a lot of time and effort. Finally, taking into account the intensity of skating

workouts, breathing materials applied in your ice skating bag will prevent it from catching sweat smell

from your sports garments.

Other features such as capacity and location of pockets and compartments, handle type, availability of

straps, zippered inside pockets, accessories, etc. may also influence your choice of your figure skating


Depending on your needs and tastes you may choose from a variety of figure skating bags:

Triangular skate bags are a great solution for carrying both ice and roller skates. This type of figure

skating bag is compact and allows you to store and carry your skates around easily. Triangular-shaped

ice skating bags typically feature reinforced bottom, ventilation mesh panels, adjustable strap and inside

compartments for small items like your keys or money. Triangular skate bags are usually the most

affordable option among other figure skating bags.

Athletic skate bags are another option for storing your skating equipment. These may be specialized

skate bags or bags for general sports purposes. The main advantage of athletic skate bags is usually their

size and availability of many different compartments and pockets where you can store skates, helmet,

protective equipment, sports garments, water, snacks and virtually everything you need for skating. A

disadvantage in this case will be obviously big dimensions and weight of such an ice skating bag which is

more suitable for being transported in your car trunk rather than carrying it around.

Travel-type skate bags are the perfect solution for those skaters who wish to carry voluminous

equipment effortlessly. Such ice skating bags are typically very spacious and feature rubber wheels and

a telescopic handle for easy transportation. The wheeled ice skating bags are the most expensive ones

as they are made of high-quality wear-resistant materials. On the other hand, these figure skating bags

have long service life and allow you to travel with all the necessary ice skating equipment. One of the

most renown brands of travel-type skate bags are ZUCA sport bags featuring a reinforced metal-frame

which may be used as a seat.

Whatever your needs and budget, you can choose your perfect high-quality figure skating bag at from a variety of trusted brands, including Riedell, OGIO, Grit, Transpack, ZUCA

and others. If you have any questions regarding skating bags, please, contact us at 818-785- 2002 or at