Atom Roller Rave Derby Package (Pink)

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24 Hours
10.00 LBS
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Boot: Jackson Rave

Plate: Jackson Plate

Wheels: Atom Poison

Bearings: Bionic ABEC-7

Toe Stop: Bionic XS Stopper

The Jackson Rave Derby package is the ideal entry-level package - affordable, durable, and comfortable. Transitioning from street shoes to skates is a natural change with the moderate padding, medium volume, and overall sneaker-like fit. Significant padding around the ankle and on the inside of the tongue focuses comfort on areas that traditionally give newbies trouble. The Poison Savant Wheels that make this Rave a Derby package are also perfect for beginners. Grippy and stable, the Poison urethane ensures that no surface will be without traction, and the oversized Savant hub means more control for learning those pesky stops and slides!

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